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The Tailor Made Rail Difference
T ailor Made Rail is a tour operator based in London, specialising in independent, unescorted holidays. We believe that the holiday begins the moment you step on board your first train, be that at London St Pancras or your local station. Our team of rail experts offer unparalleled advice and expertise, enabling you to make the most out of both the journey and your time in the destination.

Why book with us?

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Feefo Gold Trusted Service

We always strive to provide you with the best possible experience throughout the planning and booking of your tailor made rail holiday.

This year, we are very proud to have won the prestigious Feefo Gold Trusted Service award, in recognition of the consistently positive reviews for customer service that we have received over the last twelve months.


All of our itineraries are tailor made to suit your requirements. If you would like an extra night here, a side-trip there, tickets to an event, champagne in your room on arrival or a different route on the return journey, we would be more than happy to assist.


Our travel experts are experienced in building itineraries for customers just like you. They have stayed in many of our featured hotels and travelled on many key rail routes around Europe.

Under your own steam

See Europe at your own pace, travel like a local and gain a greater destination immersion into countries you are visiting. Europe’s rail network is easy to navigate unescorted, especially with our supporting documentation and tips ensuring you get the most out of the travel experience.


Value for money

All of our itineraries have been put together in the most cost-effective way possible. Thanks to the excellent partnerships we have with Europe’s various rail companies as well as our featured hotels, we are able to offer you an excellent package price. This price not only covers the travel and hotel arrangements, but it also includes city maps, tips, ticket explanations and other inserts to your package to ensure you are well set for your holiday. To top it all off, we do not believe in credit card surcharges, so there is no annoying 2% or 3% charge on your holiday when you come to pay.


A variety of the most relaxing, happening, culturally rich destinations around Europe are featured in our range of suggested itineraries.

Handpicked hotels

We keep a close eye on the standards of our featured hotels and we make honest recommendations as appropriate. For example, it is not always beneficial to stay near the station if you are going to be in a city for three nights, but your requirements are different if you are only stopping overnight.

Why travel by rail?

Tailor Made Rail

The future of travel

Travelling by train is becoming much easier and quicker with ongoing construction of high-speed lines worldwide, with more routes and operators than ever before. Many of Europe’s lines are now high-speed, reducing journey times dramatically and providing a thrilling experience, racing along at speeds of nearly 200mph. For instance, you can cover the 480-mile journey from Paris to Marseille in 3 hours (the equivalent of London to the Highlands of Scotland).

Civilised, easy and quick

No airport hassle. Quick and easy boarding process. As you are travelling with your bags, they are guaranteed to be with you on arrival! Relax in spacious and enhanced travelling environments onboard modern and comfortable trains.

Travel from city centre to city centre

Avoid long, pricey and slow airport transfers, and start exploring a city the moment you step off the train.

The romance of rail travel

Your holiday begins the moment you board your first train. Arrive and depart from grand, evocative stations that hark back to a bygone era of steam. Observe the scenery change as you travel through the cities and countryside. Nothing quite beats watching the snow-capped Alps getting closer before travelling through cutting valleys and picturesque lakes.

Travel like a local

As well as watching the scenery morph as you travel along, listen out for different local languages and dialects as you pass seamlessly often across international boundaries without necessarily realising it.


Travelling by train expends seventeen times less energy than flying, on top of all the other benefits mentioned here. In the face of growing environmental concern, rail travel provides you with the opportunity to travel guilt-free around Europe without worrying about your carbon footprint.

Some examples of rail travel versus air travel can be seen below:

RouteJourney timeCarbon emissions
per person by train
Carbon emissions
per person by plane
London to Toulouse via Paris or Lille9 hours 6 minutes15.3kg127.8kg
London to Barcelona via Paris12 hours21.7kg151.7kg
London to Amsterdam via Brussels4 hours 20 minutes13.6kg70.5kg
London to Geneva via Paris6 hours 40 minutes13.1kg112.4kg

Source: GreenTraveller