Rail Holidays in Greece

T he vast majority of UK visitors opt to take a plane to Greece, however, a journey over land and sea is remarkably easy and hassle-free. Combine Greece with fabulous Italy in our Ancient Cities itinerary, or have us tailor make you a rail journey back through the fascinating Balkan region and the Alps. As a nation of 1400 islands and a mainland peninsula, travel by a combination of train and boat is essential to getting around and accessing such fabulous sights as the Temple of Delphi, the Parthenon and the beautiful islands of Santorini and Crete. Stop by at unmissable Athens and its iconic Acropolis, before heading into the archipelagos of the Aegean and even into Turkey.

Itineraries in Greece

Tailor Made Rail
11 Days
  • Wurzburg
  • Villach
  • Zagreb
  • Belgrade
  • Sofia
  • Thessaloniki
  • Athens
Take an epic overland journey from London under the English Channel and across Continental Europe to Greek capital Athens. Along the way, you'll travel through Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria and Serbia, stopping in fascinating cities en route.
From £1,099