Top Destinations in Morocco

26 September 2019

Top Destinations in Morocco

Have a look at our top picks to include in your tailor made rail holiday to Morocco. Currently, trains here are mainly 1970s or 1980s French rolling stock, in perfectly good working order if a little frayed around the edges!

There is also a new TGV high-speed line between Tangier and Marrakech, via Rabat. All TMR customers are booked into First Class carriages for train travel within Morocco: this typically consists of reservations within a compartment for six people.

In addition to more comfortable seats and a greater amount of space, your tickets will also give you access to a refreshment trolley serving drinks and a variety of snacks.

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Marrakech is perhaps Morocco’s most popular city for travellers, due in no small part to the iconic Djemma-el-Fna.  This large market square offers local and visitors alike the chance to eat freshly-cooked street food whilst listening to musicians and watching street entertainers whose skills range from snake charming to fire eating!  Afterwards, there are an array of high-end hotel bars from whose terraces you can watch a dramatic sunset whilst sipping on a cocktail.


Tangier has a colourful past, influenced by the numerous European powers who have colonised it throughout history.  The white-washed old town dates back to Portuguese occupation of the city. It sits on a hillside and is a lovely place through which to stroll. We’d also recommend a trip to nearby Cape Spartel which will reward you with incredible views of the Atlantic Ocean.


Casablanca is Morocco’s largest city, a bustling centre of commerce bordering the Atlantic. For visitors to this metropolis, the main attraction is undoubtedly the vast Hassan II Mosque. Standing on the water’s edge, this enormous mosque is home to the world’s tallest minaret and is an undoubtedly impressive sight. Fans of the famous film can also enjoy a drink in Rick’s Café.


One of our favourite destinations in Morocco, this vibrant city boasts a walled medina on a slight hill, and is less crowded with westerners in comparison to certain other Moroccan cities. Not to be missed on any visit here are the fantastically colourful tanneries, which date back to the 11th century and are still very much in use today.  The nearby city of Meknes, with its equally-fascinating old town, is an easy day trip away.


Located on the Atlantic Coast, Essaouira offers the chance for a change of pace.  The long sandy beaches make this small town a popular destination amongst Moroccans, and for the international community of kite and windsurfers who enjoy showcasing their skills in the breeze which rolls in off the Atlantic.


Agadir is another seaside town offering weary travellers miles of golden sands on which to relax. There are some excellent restaurants, hotels and golf courses to help visitors unwind and although Agadir is not connected to the Moroccan rail network, we are happy to arrange private transfers to help you explore the beautiful coastline.

Atlas Mountains

If you want to get away from Morocco’s fascinating but undeniably bustling cities, beaches aren’t your only means of escape. The awe-inspiring Atlas Mountains tower over the landscape near Marrakech and we would be delighted to organise for you to travel to the serenity of either Richard Branson’s luxury Kasbah Tamadot or the ski resort of Oukaimden where you can truly unwind.


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