Meet the Team: Paul

18 June 2020

Meet the Team: Paul

Name: Paul Holman

Official Title: Travel Consultant

Unofficial Title: PH

Working for TMR: Since 2017


Window or Aisle?
Aisle. Being over 6 foot tall, I need to stretch my legs when possible. When flying I like to be on window seat 1A with ample leg room. 

Preferred Travelling Snack?
To be honest I am not a snacker. However, I am partial to a few crisps if alcoholic beverages are purchased from the bar car.

An Item of Luggage you Would Never Travel Without
For me this is actually items! I always take spare phone charger cables and a second razor. One razor died on a previous trip and, needless to say, my wife was not happy that all of our holiday photos featured me with a beard!

Top Rail Travel Experiences
Most definitely the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express – that was a true once in a lifetime experience! That being said, the scenic trains in Switzerland are hard to beat and for the long haul, the Kuranda Scenic railway out of Cairns is brilliant – even the station is worth the visit.

Favourite Rail Journey:
Having been working in the industry for 20 years, I am spoiled for choice. The Glacier and Bernina Expresses are a true experience and it’s a must on the Glacier Express to have the lunch served at your table while taking in the scenery at a leisurely speed. One for the summer months is the mountain scenery on the Yellow Train from Villefranche-de-Conflent to La Tour-de-Carol. It travels right over the Pyrenees in South West France. Another journey with fantastic mountain scenery is the Gotthard Pass taking you from Switzerland into Italy.

Favourite Destination:
This is actually quite an easy one, although I still can’t limit it to one place. France, Italy and Switzerland are my favourites. I would mention Australia, Singapore and Thailand as in my younger days I went there several times. But now the thought of being in a tin can for hours and hours is no longer appealing, which is why I now prefer the train!

Favourite Hotel:
Another difficult one as I have been fortunate to stay in some fantastic hotels over the years. Some of the best were the Schweizerhof in Zurich and the Palais de la Mediterranée in Nice. I’d also highly recommend the Barchetta Excelsior in Como. Do go for a Lake view room as you look over the main square and across to the Lake.