Meet the Team: Madeleine

30 April 2020

Meet the Team: Madeleine

Name: Madeleine Pearce

Official Title: Senior Travel Consultant

Unofficial Title: Lady P

Working for TMR: Since 2019


Window or Aisle?
Well for a train it would be a window seat, you see so much more and I find it more comfortable for longer journeys. If I was flying I would prefer an aisle seat at the front of the plane as I don’t like turbulence!

Preferred Travelling Snack?
If I have time it’s usually my homemade flapjacks. I pack them full of dried fruit, nuts and seeds so that they keep me going whilst I am on the move.

An Item of Luggage you Would Never Travel Without
Well, as I live by the motto failure to plan is planning to fail I am usually very prepared for my travels. Having travelled a lot around the world, I travel light but make sure that I have the essentials included. So for this reason I never travel without my powerpack! Not only can I check my routes, contacts transfers or look at maps whilst on the move it means that I always have a power source for my phone and I feel that I can travel a lot more safely!

Top Rail Travel Experiences
I have had some great rail travel experiences, from the overnight sleeper going from London to Les Arcs for a week skiing, or travelling around on the U-bahn in Germany exploring Berlin. But I think some of my favourite journeys are here in the UK, from London to Wales or Scotland to Cornwall there is so much to see and some views you can’t quite believe are on UK soil!

Favourite Rail Journey:
I think my favourite journey was travelling from Bangkok to Surat Thani. My best friend and I were in Thailand doing a month’s travel and we decided that we wanted to head south and down to the islands. The one thing I love about Thailand is the local people’s generosity and helpfulness. The hustle and bustle of Bangkok station was certainly something for the senses, but we were able to easily book tickets and board the train without any issues! The journey was about 12 hours and the food car that came through had all manner of noodle and rice dishes to try which was great. Early in the trip we met what we thought was a train guard who told us that he would let us know when we needed to get off, and sure enough 10 minutes before we arrived he came and woke us up. Surprisingly it turned out to be a member of the public! The train was actually a sleeper and even though part of it journey was overnight the sunrise and scenery we did see was stunning!

Favourite Destination:
This is such a difficult question as places that are in my top picks are for such different reasons! I think if I base it on places I have visited more than once my top ones would be; France, Oman, Thailand, Sweden and Germany.

Favourite Hotel:
Again this is a difficult one, but if I had to pick one it would be Inn on the Mile in Edinburgh. I am a real fan of boutique hotels that are managed by small firms or families and this hotel certainly didn’t disappoint. Being based in the centre of Edinburgh we were a short walk for all the main attractions which made ticking off all the things we wanted to see really easy. The rooms were all completely different, ours was a spacious art deco room with a great view overlooking the highstreet corner. The food was delicious and service amazing, and it was topped off with the barman’s dexterity in making espresso martinis!