Dining Out in Naples

2 October 2020

Dining Out in Naples

Naples is one of the oldest cities in Europe and is also home to the very best of Italian cuisine. Its culinary history is older than Rome itself. The humble pizza was invented here and the city is also famous for its fresh seafood and amazing volcanic wine. The traditional food in this region is characterised by simple ingredients, and cuisine executed with great skill and a sense of perfection.

One of the ‘must dos’ in Naples is trying the Neapolitan street food. Here you can find everything from delicate fried fish, to fried pizza and cheese-filled pastries. For those brave enough to try there is a local delicacy of pork offal! 

We have suggested a number of different places to tempt your tastebuds from cheap eats and local recommendations to local specialities and fine dining.


Cheap Eats

There are some great finds to be had in Naples and when it’s great food for a great price you really can’t go wrong.


NaBeer Birroteca

Set back from the Palazzo Reale di Napoli is a small but inviting bar. The owner will serve you with his welcoming smile and loquacious conversation. You will be seated on bar stools made from recycled beer barrels and can peruse the menu of local beers and wines as well as traditional grazing plates to curb your appetite. This bar is also famous for the beer spritz, a take on aperol spritz with beer.

Il Piastrato

A short stroll from the Naples Centrale station is Il Piastrato. Its ideal location in the city makes it a great place to pop in for lunch or a light bite. Every day Piastrato offers a rich menu of succulent dishes to satisfy all, prepared on the spot. The menu includes sandwiches filled with salami typical of Naples and stringy cheeses, Chianina hamburgers and steaks. It is also a local haunt for regulars buying their bread and lunch, so it’s not just a tourist bar. 

Insolito La Pizzeria Gourmet

Known locally for offering some of the best pizza in town, Insolito La Pizzeria Gourmet is a must for any visit to Naples. Located in the centre of the city, it offers excellent pizzas made using quality local ingredients. The service is also highly rated.


Local Haunts

Based on first hand experience, these restaurants are great eateries for lunch or dinner.


400 gradi Di Ciro & Salvio Rapuano

Salvio Rapuano is a local treasure, off the beaten track. You’ll find this restaurant in the bustling district of Quartieri Spagnoli, a partly pedestrianised road lined with mainstream and designer fashion stores. A great option to try is the gorgonzola filled crust. This restaurant is both small and very popular so we’d recommend arriving early if you don’t want to wait for a table.

Antichi Sapori Partenopei

Antichi looks fairly unassuming from the outside, but don’t be fooled. Despite its appearance it offers great food at a great price. With many locals dining here you know you are in for a treat. The menu combines local seafood and fresh fish of the day as well as pizzas and classic italian dishes. The service is also impeccable, with the owner and waiting staff offering a warm welcome, helpful advice and care in all things they do.

Trattoria Pizzeria La Lazzara

Located in the historic centre of Naples, La Lazzara Trattoria has long been the reference point for visitors who want to experience true traditional Neapolitan cuisine. As a family-run affair the service is great and you are made to feel very welcome and like a local. With generous portions and food that is rich in flavour and colour it’s best to visit on an empty stomach. The menu includes some of the best local stock from Vesuvian piennolo and provolone del Monaco to buffalo mozzarella from Campania all the flavours of this wonderful food is emphasised to give you the best possible dining experience. With tables both inside and out, you can enjoy Naples whilst savouring the best that the Campania region has to offer.


Fine Dining 

For those who like to try something more refined, here are our top three recommendations for fine dining in Naples.


Sea Front Pasta Bar

Located in the sea front area of Royal Naples, the Sea Front Di Martino Pasta Bar is aimed at lovers of good pasta by promising a unique taste and experience of Naples. Characterized by an avant-garde design, which touches on international trends, the restaurant’s kitchen is completely open and surrounded by a long table with 22 seats, which allows you to witness the work of chef Pierpaolo Giorgio and his team. The menu is seasonal, with varied options. We recommend enjoying this restaurant for a sophisticated dinner, however you can also enjoy lunch here. Make sure that you book a table though as they get very busy.

George Restaurant

Led by the talented chef Domenico Candela this Michelin starred restaurant offers an intimate and elegant atmosphere with a breathtaking view over the bay of Naples. The kitchen is also open so you can view the chefs and admire their craftsmanship. The decor was inspired by George Parker, the marine biologist who bought the hotel at the end of the 19th century, and is home to ancient and whimsical features as well as Neapolitan riggiole. You can expect scenographic dishes, unforgettable flavors, a welcoming and efficient service.

Wapo Natural Food

Wapo is an innovative and forward thinking culinary experience which combines the traditions of Campania territory with very ancient cultures as well as a heavy influence from East Asian cuisine. The aim of the restaurant is simple – wellness. All ingredients are carefully selected to ensure that they are naturally gluten free, with no industrial or chemical additives. The culinary team are constantly researching and exploring raw materials, which are locally sourced to not only offer the wellness they seek to provide but also pleasure in eating. The food is delicious and perfectly finished and will give you a very unique restaurant experience. 


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