Covid-19 (Coronavirus): A Message from our Managing Director

27 March 2020

Covid-19 (Coronavirus): A Message from our Managing Director

Here at Tailor Made Rail, we have many years’ experience in the travel industry and none of us have seen anything like what is happening since the spread of Covid-19 across Europe and the world. In this current crisis, we are faced with the unprecedented situation of needing to rearrange ALL our customers’ holidays, which means our travel consultants taking on a strange reverse role of dismantling tailor made packages rather than creating them. 

It’s hard work and a huge disappointment for everyone concerned, not least our customers whose much-anticipated trips can no longer go ahead for the time being. Whether you’re taking a quick getaway, heading overland to a bucket-list destination or celebrating a special occasion like a birthday or honeymoon, it’s very upsetting to have your plans changed. 

We are assisting all our customers who have booked to travel in the next couple of months with advice on how best they manage their holiday plans. We are offering options, helping them plan but also giving them something to look forward to in these troubled times.

As most customers are opting to defer, we would like to send our sincere thanks to them for their understanding of the situation and their confidence that later in the year we will have them back on track.

 For those who are unsure of where or when they wish to travel again and hesitant about deferring, the offer of a credit voucher, to be redeemed on a holiday when they are ready to book again, means they can remain flexible until such time it is deemed safe and possible to travel. 

Why and how this makes the difference… not only does it give us great pleasure that we will be booking your holiday in the future and helping you explore wonderful destinations by train, but it also enables us to ride through this current crisis, avoiding financial losses that would impact if we cancel all bookings with suppliers who are unable to refund us.  It also enables us to spend more time creating new holiday ideas for when we can all continue exploring our wonderful world.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers caught up in this situation for their lovely messages of support and understanding. We hope to see you back on the move soon and in the meantime, we will continue to update our website with inspiring content to fuel your wanderlust!

In the meantime, please stay safe.

Our warmest wishes to you all,


Simon Hodge

Managing Director – Tailor Made Rail