Adding UK Rail Connections to Your Holiday

23 October 2020

Adding UK Rail Connections to Your Holiday

Did you know that we can add UK rail from your local station to your holiday package, often at no additional cost? The UK rail journeys will be completely open so you can travel on any trains you like, even at peak times.


Whether it’s an early morning start from Leeds or a civilised lunchtime journey from Plymouth complete with Pullman dining car, leave it to us as we construct your itinerary from your neck of the woods right into the heart of Europe.


What’s more, if you are travelling from a fair distance away and the first day of your holiday is unfeasibly long, we can arrange a night in London or better still, why not head onto the Continent for the opening night of your holiday?  


For example, you can leave Carlisle at 9am, arriving into London in ample time for your afternoon Eurostar across to Paris, and then dinner on the Seine before heading off to Italy the following day.  We’ve arranged travel from all the way up in Aberdeen, from the tip of Cornwall at Penzance and the extremities of Anglesey in northwest Wales, connecting up your hometown with its French, German or Italian counterparts – all in a day’s work!


All the holidays on the right hand side of this page include free UK rail travel (and there are plenty more!). If you’re travelling from a long distance away, you may have to factor in extra nights’ accommodation, either in London or on the Continent to break the journey.


Contact one of the team for details about how we can include UK rail connections for you – we’ll be happy to help.